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Re-use and recycling

Here at Cash4Phone our aim is to encourage the recycling of old and unused mobile phones. Every year around 80 million mobile phones are discarded in non-recycling bins and often end up in landfill sites, etc. They contain dangerous chemicals such as cadmium, which can be highly carcinogenic, and dangerous metals such as lead, nickel, mercury or lithium to name but a few, so the less going into landfill sites, the better.

Your mobile phone

By processing an order through Cash4Phone.co.uk, you declare that the phone adhere to these terms.

You must ensure your mobile phone matches that as specified in the trade order. Our engineers will then categorise the handset(s) into Category A (Working), Category B (Minor Defects), Category C (Non Working) and Category D (Beyond Economocal Repair) of which the criteria is listed below:

Any mobiles which are sent to us that aren't listed on our site and are over 4 years old will be automatically recycled. These mobile phones cannot be returned under any circumstances.

Wrong models

Each mobile phone we receive is tested for payment. If on inspection we find that the model you have sent is not the same as the one which you informed us through the website then we will confirm the correct mobile model and email you to accept the revised offer. This often occurs where models look similar.

If we do not hear from you within 5 days we will automatically make this change and process your payment on the new model.

Damaged mobile phones

Cash4Phone still pay you for damaged mobile phones. These mobile phones should be traded in as normal, and can be worth anything up to 80% of the full value. An offer will only be made once the mobile phone is tested.

Once the mobile phone has been received and tested we will contact you via email with a new offer. Where possible we will always offer a value for a damaged mobile phone.

If you do not inform us of your decision within 5 days of receipt we will automatically accept it and issue the revised payment in the form originally requested. Under no circumstances can mobile phones be returned after this period.

SIM cards

Please ensure that you remove your SIM card before sending us your mobile. Your SIMs may contain personal information and we are unable to return them. Cash4Phone will not accept liability if SIM cards are sent with the handset and any charges are incurred before or after receipt of your handset.

Memory cards

Please also ensure you remove your memory cards before sending us your mobile phone. Again memory cards which we receive may contain personal information and we cannot return them.


Where possible we attempt to make all payments within 7 working days from the day your mobile phone has been tested and confirmed to meet our terms and conditions. At busy times of the year we cannot guarantee payment within this period and all payments are non transferable and Cash4Phone reserve the right to withdraw offers with no notice.

Payments will be sent to the name and address stored in your account, payment will be sent via 2nd class Royal Mail post.

From time to time we will change the offer values of mobile phones on the website with no notice. If you trade in a mobile phone we will pay the value on the date of trade.

All valuations include VAT at 17.5%.

Postal damage and loss

Cash4Phone does not take responsibility for the loss or damage to mobiles before receipt at our warehouse.

We strongly recommend that all our customers pack their mobile phones to minimise the risk of damage. We recommend using bubble wrap envelopes where possible but this does not guarantee that the mobile phone will be received in the same condition as when you sent it. In addition we suggest that all mobile phones are sent to us using Special Delivery. If your mobile phone is lost in the post we can advise you on the best way to make a claim against the Royal Mail, but we cannot guarantee that this will be successful.


We are unable to return mobile phones that are sent to us after the amount offer has been accepted or after a customer accepts a lower valuation.

Mobile phones will be returned to customers only if incorrectly described and a lower price is offered and rejected, this will incur an admin fee of £10. We send all returned mobile phones via Royal Mail recorded post. If the Royal Mail cannot deliver the phone(s) they are returned to our Head Office and we will contact you via email to check that your address details are correct. Once we receive confirmation of the correct address then we will resend the phone(s) to you. However, if we do not receive a response within 14 days the phone(s) will become the property of Cash4Phone and the revised lower offer value will be given.

Stolen mobile phones

Here at Cash4Phone part of our process is to check for stolen mobiles using CheckMEND, a crime protection database. If we receive any stolen mobile phones that are registered on their database then they will be destroyed unless proof of ownership can be supplied.

Suitable proof of ownership would be documentation such as supplier contract or written confirmation from the Police showing that the IMEI is incorrectly registered as stolen. The documentation would need to show that the matching unique IMEI number of the mobile phone traded is your property. Upon receipt of this information we can return the mobile phone to you, or can go ahead with the purchase of the phone.

If we do not receive such documentation from you within 31 days your mobile phone will be destroyed using a method which is good for the environment.

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